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August 9, 2010 / Gina D.

Keeping your geekery in check

Thought I’d keep Monday on the lighter side and just pass along a couple of interesting tools I’ve become a big fan of:

1. Behance Creative Outfitters “action” series.
I’ve been using these funky notebooks for almost a year, and they really help me make sure none of my daily tasks fall through the cracks. They also help me understand how productive I really am, even on days I don’t feel particularly so.

I got acquainted with the method by downloading/printing the free PDF sample sheet. Eventually, I decided to upgrade to the action book as a means of keeping everything together in grab-and-go fashion without having to resort to a binder. Plus, I felt I would appreciate the extra work space provided on the backside of the previous page.

The only problem with the action book is that it’s only 50 pages, so I found myself flying through them a little too quickly for my pocketbook’s liking. So this time around, I’m giving the 200-page, slightly smaller action journal a try, with some removable action stickers thrown in to make up for the fewer list spaces available on each page. Hopefully, I won’t miss the size/space TOO much…

2. Evernote.
This is an exceptional organizational tool for creative-types — or ANY idea-types, really — on the go, with platforms available for web, desktop or mobile use. The account is free, but has a monthly usage ceiling — which I have yet to hit, and I use it all the time.

The concept is simple: You have an idea, and you need to make a note. If you’re out and about, bring up Evernote on your smart phone, and it gives you the option of typing a text note, taking a photo, recording a voice memo or even uploading a file. Save it, sort it, edit it later.

You can tag and sort your notes to your heart’s content. I have several “notebooks” set up already, from “Freelance” to “Writing” to “Projects” to mere “Tasks,” with tags ranging from simple colors to help me create effective palettes later to notes about my latest freelance projects, be it a to-do list or a web site with some interesting methods with which to experiment.

FEED YOUR BLOG: One of the fastest growing categories in my Evernote collection is my “blog this” tag. From web site “clippings” to a collection of tweets to photos of interesting items worth talking about… They’re all there — waiting. Hopefully, I’ll get around to them soon…


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  1. Jim McBee / Aug 9 2010 8:07 PM

    Let your geek flag fly.

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