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August 25, 2010 / Gina D.

Time capsule

Full disclosure: I found the following post hanging out in the drafts of a personal blog I used to use, on occasion, as an outlet for observations and opinions relating to my profession, back when I felt like designers should only officially blog critiques, techniques and other things directly related to the craft — not (gasp!) personal experiences. It had been hanging out in the ether since Oct. 7, 2008, according to the blog’s log, and had never been  published.

After importing that blog into it’s new WordPress home, I stumbled upon the post again, except this time, it felt out of place there. Much more at home among my Beyond Tetris posts, and still rings true almost two years later — which gives me some pause. So if you’ll forgive a few personal musings on a “professional” blog… Enjoy.  —Gina

I found this pic of a monster knife while looking for a photo of a more standard Swiss Army knife for a project I was working on. As it turned out, knives didn’t really fit the theme of the project anyway (too many sharp edges and violent undertones), but this image kinda stuck with me.

I identified with this picture.

Every day, it seems like, I’m being thrown another project, given another purpose, thrust another expectation. I’m not allowed to take on the new, reassess and abandon the old; I must integrate what I’ve already got, figure out how to adapt, meanwhile keeping all the other edges of me sharp.

It’s ridiculous… and exhausting. It hasn’t always been.

So part of me yearns to take a step back, spend time sharpening individual skills. I want to be versatile… it’s how to stay valuable. But like most things, it’s better in moderation. Better, I think, to be more like this:

At least I wouldn’t feel as ridiculous.


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