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September 24, 2010 / Gina D.

SND Denver brought to you by the letter ‘T’…

A lot of talk at SND Denver today about tablets, and some of it, upon reflection, feels a little conflicting.

On one hand, Mario Garcia Jr. advises not to resemble the print or online forms when designing a tablet format for your publication. On the other, Lucie Lacava reminds us to make sure not to lose your signature branding as you move from one platform to the next. And while that might not sound like an obvious contradiction, it occurs to me that USA Today, for example, seems like its taking its tablet format down a jam-packed layout much resembling its paper sister… at least, that’s the first thing I thought when I saw the planning grid at today’s multimedia roundtable. On the other hand, that’s kinda always been McPaper’s forté, so why fight it, right? Also, they’re going to make the crossword interactive, and who won’t love that?

The rest of the tablet talk was showcasing more than anything else. Roger Fidler‘s keynote speech this morning was some of that and a history lesson, with his brief mention of “newsbooks” toward the tail end of his talk getting some due buzz on the SND Denver Twitter feed.

Again, the tablet (read: “iPad”) show-and-tell format isn’t a bad thing, per sé, given how new the technology still is — I’m guessing a lot more hands will go up at SND St. Louis next year when someone asks who in the audience has an iPad. I probably will by then, I hope, especially since it seems like the Android version is pretty far off and the PC version sounds like it will be more of a mini-computer than I really want — with an even higher price tag I definitely won’t want to pay. I’m just saying that at SND St. Louis, I’ll be looking for more inspiration than what I could find myself surfing a few key links/apps. Please.


Tomorrow’s talker looks to be templates, which I’ve blogged about here a few times, with Ready-Media‘s Roger Black kicking us off in the morning. I imagine the topic will come up again immediately thereafter in some way/shape/form during the informal discussion with SND leaders called “The Way Forward,” scheduled immediately thereafter — especially given that I’ve been asked to sit with the panel, and I’ve been rather vocal on the topic, among other things. We shall see… Should prove interesting regardless.
Until then, get my latest updates from SND Denver, and keep up with the conference conversation here.


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  1. Jim McBee / Sep 24 2010 10:11 PM

    Glad to see you got to go again this year.

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