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October 25, 2010 / Gina D.

Beefing up the menu

Before I’d set my sights on getting to SND Denver, I had been in touch with SND’s executive director, Stephen Komives, talking a little bit about the organization’s plans for the future. He made a point then that he later emphasized at the conference: Designers — journalists — in this day and age have to be able to do something else if they want to stay in their newsrooms, any newsrooms.


In his example, the designer also worked a cops-reporter shift. In my mind, web design seems a more parallel path. So I went after the SND web training. Totally worth it.

And while the ink on INK was still drying, a link to some more web training — on HTML5 mobile web development, to be specific — was up for grabs via a free online course put on by O’Reilly, publisher of the very book recommended to us at Web Boot Camp.

The whole notion of free (or even discounted) training got me thinking that I should probably add another list of resources to this site. And so debuts “Get skills,” a new Beyond Tetris page located under “WHERE THE PROS ARE” up top. (Heh. I said “underwear.”) The page provides some insight into the new quick-hit links list bearing the same name.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one out there bulking up on the usefulness. In the past few months (longer?) SND has been working to increase its value as well. The organization has made strides on its training schedule in an effort to strengthen the value of its membership fees (for example: the recently announced SND quick-course in Cleveland is free for members). So if you have any inklings about taking your talents digital, it makes more sense than ever to keep one eye on, and prepare to pounce.


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