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April 5, 2012 / Gina D.

Get yourself some Klout

Today’s Social Media Month challenge:
Get yourself some Klout! Sign into, and connect any and all of your social media accounts to your Klout profile. And if you’ve already got Klout set up, consider giving Klout points to someone who is just starting out, and/or adding another social media account (or two) to your Klout account.

In addition to feeding your competitive side, adding the Klout extension to your Google Chrome browser can provide quick insight as to whether the Twitter account that you’re looking at is legit, and can give you a glimpse of insight into how your social media accounts are performing. The other cool thing about Klout is that it could nudge you toward some social media avenues you maybe didn’t know were out there — and I’m sure they’ll keep adding on as new ones pop up. (No there yet, for example. But it looks like they’ll be adding a few more soon.)

For more information about Klout, check out their info page, which includes explainers on the score, more reasons to use Klout, as well as privacy policies and such.


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