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April 5, 2012 / Gina D.

Get to know Cover It Live

Today’s Social Media Month challenge: 
Sign up for a CoverItLive account, and plan an occasion (or two, or three) to use it. 

CoverItLive is similar to live-tweeting, but it also allows real-time interaction from interested (and verified) social media users as well as the option to add more items to the final presentation (documents, images, etc.). It’s best used with some forethought, setting up the session, preparing extra elements you may want handy, timing its deployment and otherwise preparing for — and promoting — the event you’re going to cover live, though it does allow for some after-the-fact fine-tuning. Ultimately, though, CoverItLive lets later visitors catch a replay of the real-time coverage.

I used CoverItLive (in a very basic way) during each of the social media training sessions last week with Mandy Jenkins of Digital First Media. So if you weren’t able to attend — or if you were there but wanted to review the session, or wanted to peek at a session that wasn’t targeted to your specific role in the newsroom — you can find each of them here:

I was also able to tweak these after-the-fact, which turned out to be a really good thing since I forgot to shut them off. Lots of errant tweets from Mandy and I showed up at the end, but they were all easily deleted to preserve the original session coverage.

View slides from ALL of Mandy’s presentations here, and find her website here.


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