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April 22, 2012 / Gina D.

Start Tumbling

This weekend’s extra-credit Social Media Month challenge:
Create a Tumblr blog. And if you’ve already got one, find three new Tumblogs to follow.

Tumblr is a different kind of social media that incorporates a lot of other characteristics you find in other forms of social media. You follow fellow Tumblr users, like Twitter. And like Google’s “+1” and Facebook’s “like,” it has a heart symbol — like Storify — for when you find something you want to let others know you enjoyed.

Tumblr can take on whatever personality you’d like to give it. You can choose from different themes, much like other blog formats. You can write long or quick posts, and share quotes, photos and links in formats tailored to those sorts of elements. Tumblr has some great display themes as well, plus you can link it to your Instagram account so that you can check that box, too, when you’re posting your pics to Facebook and Twitter.

So get out there and, uh, “Tumbl” around until you find the format that fits you.

P.S. — Beyond Tetris is on Tumblr, too.


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