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April 28, 2012 / Gina D.

Polish those profiles

This weekend’s extra-credit Social Media Month challenge:
Do a global profile check.

Check every social media account you’ve got out there and make sure your profile is thorough. Provide links to your other accounts as you’re able, and make sure you include your paper’s website and/or mention the full name of your paper wherever it makes sense.

And if you’re worried some of those links might lead readers to sparse posting, do something about it. Get in there and follow some more folks, and maybe make a post or two on accounts you’ve recently neglected. You might be surprised where you might pick up a few more followers.

Big-time bonus credit: If you don’t plan on visiting a particular corner of your social media for a while, make sure the posts you do make on that random Pinterest board or Tumblr blog count. Do a little engagement before you log out: Ask a question, grab the link, and spread the word on your more familiar social media to give your followers there another landing spot for a bigger, better answer.


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