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May 15, 2012 / Gina D.

Social Media Month recap: Twitter

Think back to your first tweet. Do you remember what it was?

If you’re pretty new to the medium, you might actually remember. But if you’ve been using it awhile, you probably don’t recall, and certainly don’t have the time to go traipsing back through hundreds — or thousands, in the case of some of you — of tweets to track down the origin of this particular online identity.

An early adopter myself, I admit I initially was not a huge fan of the Twitter. And yet, I’m on track to hit my 2,000th tweet sometime this week — if I keep at it. That might seem like a lot to you, but I assure you I’m no aficionado, and really, for as long as I’ve had an account, my numbers should probably be at least twice that by now. More than a few folks I’ve been following the longest have tweeted two, four and even 10 times more than that — with few RTs and no assist from auto-feeds.

Not that it’s a race, by any means. And not that quantity means quality, either.

No matter what tweeting milestone you’re approaching, everyone has room for improvement or can learn something new. That’s the thing about social media: Ever-changing. Ever-evolving.

So if you think you’re expert already, I invite you to open up your Twitter feed, do a quick scroll down through 20-30 of your tweets, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you encounter 10 or more links?
  • Did you have to scroll down to find your own icon in front of a tweet?
  • Did you encounter 10 or more “RT”s?
  • Did you encounter a tweet from last month?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’re in need of Twitter tune-up, Social Media Month-style. Whether you’re due for a review or need a little push, I encourage you to dive into this collection of my Social Media Month Twitter posts, in no particular order:


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