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June 4, 2012 / Gina D.

Social Media Month recap: The rest

While the bulk of my Social Media Month challenges focused on the “Big 3” — Twitter, Facebook and G+ — I also sprinkled in a few sorts of social media tools that took the next step, be it forward or sideways.

Enter Storify, Klout and CoverItLive — “the rest” of my Social Media Month challenges, as it were:

Storify: While I personally am experiencing some technical difficulties with my Storify account on iPad, I’m still a big fan of the platform and anticipate using and discussing it quite a bit as I ramp up my own social media efforts.

Klout: Though it has as many critics as fans, Klout can help you track your own successes and find quality commenters.

CoverItLive*: Augment your coverage of special or wide-interest topics.

* CoverItLive announced some changes last week that have sparked a bit of fervor among users that had come to rely on it for dynamic coverage of live events. On a personal level, I’m rather disappointed to see it slip from our grasp before we were really able to make good use of it at the papers I work for. But there’s no point in dwelling on it, and thankfully, DFM’s Mandy Jenkins (& Co.) issued a fast response with some feasible — and inexpensive — alternatives. After you do a global profile checklog them all into a global social media calling card.

tumblrTumblr is a social media worth pursuing, but it might take awhile to find the right fit.

Other general tips:

  • Social media clients help you make sense of your social media accounts, and make them work for you. If your main interaction with your own Twitter account is posting from its home page and flipping through your main feed, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Never stop trying something new. If nothing else, it can give you a new appreciation for more familiar social media avenues — and make you more receptive to the next big thing.

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