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January 8, 2014 / Gina D.

Storify your Touts!


I don’t know exactly how I ended up the keeper of this valuable information, but I assure you I’m not the source of the content. I tried to find an email that would clue me into the source here, but to no avail. Probably lost in last year’s shift to corporate Gmail, but my Spidey senses tell me it came from Tout itself. But let’s get on with it…

If you’re familiar with Storify (I’m a big fan myself) and jumping on board with Tout (or vice versa), you’ll definitely want to bookmark this page, or stash the directions (and file) somewhere handy. (If you’re neither or just entirely lost at this point, well, that’s a blog post for another time.)

Don’t let the instructions below scare you; it’s a pretty simple process. [See a demo Tout here.] But — and I can’t stress this enough — don’t forget to follow these instructions to the letter:

1. Download this file I uploaded into my Google Drive (and for your convenience… maybe):  [NOTE: Don’t “View” it. DOWNLOAD it.] 

2. Open the downloaded file. Again, don’t hit “View,” or you won’t see the link.

3. Drag the “Storify Tout” link up onto your browser toolbar.

4. Fire up a Storify, or edit one you’ve already begun.

5. Hit the Storify Tout button on your toolbar. This will add a Tout button to your Storify panel.

6. Search for Touts for your Storify, and add them. (They might take a couple minutes to show up initially.)

Repeat all these steps each time you Storify.

And, as always, thanks for playing.



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